Message from Aunty Erum – 30.04.20

Assalaamu alaikum,

Thank you for sharing your lovely Sunrise and Sunset art work. They were all so lovely, I was amazed. I wish I could print them all out and put them up in my house. As our video was a little long today I did not get to share the rest of the ‘Ramadan Rules’ but I have put up the video in the ‘Challenge Gallery’, so please have a look.

InshaAllah I am trying to find a way for the work you submit to be uploaded straight onto our website to make it easier and quicker for you all to see the work. Also on our challenge blog for each days challenge I have added a ‘Comment’ box so that you can write straight onto the website how you have progressed with the challenge.

I am so proud of you all and am sure that Allah will be rewarding you all for your hard work. Keep the work coming :). Stay safe and well inshaAllah.


Aunty Erum