Challenge Day 18 – Say ‘Astaghfirullaha rabbi wa atubu ilayh’ as many times as possible

Fizza – Today i recited more than 100 times asthagfirullah wa atoobo illahi.
And i enjoyed making the spider web.
Thank you.

Tatheer – Sa. Erum Anty 1 recites 500 times 5 tasbih of astakfirullah wa rabbilul alaih

Hassan –

Shireen –


  • Masooma Zehra Naqvi

    Today I read the astaghfar as many times as I could and also discussed with my mum and brother at the end of the day what actions may have upset Allah or someone else and considered how astagfar would be saying it when we really mean we won’t do that thing again.

  • Yahya and Mehdi

    We read Astaghfar 100 times each on our tasbees