Challenge Day 20 – List of your Marhomeen

Please add the list of your Mahromeen here and everyone who visits this page can read a Surah Fatiha for them. Thank you

Aunty Erum –
Syed Safdar Mehdi Jaffrey ibn Syed Hamid Raza Jaffrey
Syed Hamid Raza Jaffrey
Syed Zahid Raza Jaffrey
Ameer Fatima Jaffrey
Nisar Fatima Jaffrey
Zabulnisa Jaffrey
Syed Ali Asif Jaffrey
Syed Asgar Mehdi Jaffrey
Mumtaz Jaffrey

Tatheer –
Sa. I recites hadiya to Mola H. ALI AS N 14 masums n imam n also Fateha for all Marhomins .


  • Hassan

    Sura fatiya for
    Barkat halani and family
    Batool Mohamed Abdulkairm (mascati)
    Rukiya mohamed Abdulkairm
    Ali Mohamed Abdulkairm
    Nanji and family
    Mulji and family
    Hadair lalji and family
    And all the people was with us last year and not there this year

  • Shireen

    Khatau and family
    Chandoo and family
    Al lawati and family
    Khawja family
    Khsmini family
    All marhummin

  • Masooma Zehra Naqvi

    Surah fateha for:
    Syed ghazanfar hussain naqvi
    Raisa jafri ibne raza Jafri
    Aley raza Jafri