Challenge Day 21 – Call a member of your family

Mahdiya –
As part of the challenge I rang my khala who lives in Bradford. She said she was fine and that she was decorating her bedroom. She showed me what she has done so far on FaceTime. It was good to speak to her.

Fizza –
Today i called my cousin after so many days and enjoyed talking to her.

Shireen called her aunty in kenya 🇰🇪
Hassan called his naani in india 🇮🇳


  • Yahya and Mehdi

    We called our Grandparents and asked about their health and how their fasts were going. We also drew pictures for them to make them Happy!

  • Masooma Zehra Naqvi

    I called my grandmother who lives in Pakistan. We spoke for ages and she told me she missed me. I told her I’ll come soon and play with her.