Challenge Day 22 – Amaals

Zahra –
In my bag I have got a heart to remind me to be kind to everyone and always smile even if you do not like them,
I have got a coin to remind me to five Charity,
I have got a note book and pen to always remind me of things and to take notes,
I have got a lock to always remind me Allah SWT is always there for me and to treasure the good memories in the lock for when I am upset
I have also got an eraser to remind me Allah is the all forgiving and that if I ask for forgiveness truly and try not to repeat then allah SWT is so merciful that he would for give me for all my mistakes.


  • Shireen

    I spend the night by
    Readying Quran
    Quran amal
    Duas till 2am
    Then prayed 1 rakat namaz shab
    And fajar namaz

  • Hassan

    I spend my night with
    Quran A’maal
    And fajar namaz

  • Masooma Zehra Naqvi

    I spent the night by:
    Giving sadqa on behalf of my family.
    Listening to the 3 big surahs
    Reading astaghfar tasbeeh
    Reciting salawat
    I recited all my duas on a bottle of water to make it magic water
    I practiced the surahs that I am learning
    I learnt about why it is a special night.

  • Mahdiya Naqvi

    I made a Ramadan survival kit. Mine included a bottle of water to keep hydrated, a snack to give me energy. My dua book with all the daily Ramadan Duas, a tasbee to recite salwaat and surah qadr.
    The challenge was challenging, I stayed up with my mum and read all the Amaals I could and then I had my Sheri, read fajr namaaz and then went to sleep because I couldn’t stay awake any longer.