• Aliza

    I felt in the text I felt thirty hungry sad upset worried Nervous.
    And I am scared of the dark so I had faith on Allāh

  • Hawra Rattansi

    I am nervous to start Year 3, be back to school after 6 months and to make new friends. I have to stay positive and have trust in Allah!

  • Yahya Raja

    I always recite ayatul kursi and other surahs and dua al faraj and salawat before bedtime. Then I put my trust in Allah that I don’t get any bad dreams. If I do I recite aoodhubillahi minashaytaan nirrajeem and read ayatul kursi again. It feels I have an invisible protection shield around me when I read.

  • Mehdi Raja

    I am not good at eating my meals and get anxious at mealtimes as I know I will be the slowest eater out of my family. Before I start eating I always say Bismillah hirrahman nirrahemm and thank Allah for the food. I don’t want Allah to think I am ungrateful for food as I just find it hard to eat. I put my trust in Allah to help me eat and enjoy all types of food.

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