• Aliza

    Before I watch your video my dad make my and my mum’s breakfast and I went to get a water bottle from me and my mum and gave it to her

  • Hawra Rattansi

    My grandma slipped yesterday and has a huge cast on her leg. I gave her water to have her medicine.

    • Erum Jaffri

      Well done Hawra that is really good of you. I hope your grandma recovers soon InshaAllah.

  • Yahya and Mehdi Raja

    Every time we drank water we thought of Imam Hussayn as. and his family especially the children who were so thirsty. We took it in turns to fill each others water bottles and for our younger brothers. We also were careful not to waste water and let the tap running when pouring into our bottles, washing hands, brushing teeth.