• Hawra Rattansi

    1. When Imam Mahdi re-appears, he will fill the world with justice, equity and fairness. He will be supported by Prophet Jesus (AS), Prophet Khizr (AS) and Prophet Ilyas (AS). The
    2. He is the one chosen by Allah to take revenge from those who killed Imam Hussain (AS) and his family and followers in Karbala.
    3. He is the only Imam who shares this name and kunniyat with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
    4. On the night of Ashura, Imam Zamana (aj)’s heart is extremely distressed, we should keep giving Sadqa in his name.
    5. The signs of the Imams re-appearance include natural disasters, like earthquakes, Rulers and kings will be harsh and cruel. A solar eclipse will be seen in mid-Ramadan and a lunar eclipse at the end of the month.

  • Aliza

    Sorry this is late
    1. The Iman is hidden From us
    2. he is our 12th Iman
    3. He was born on 15th of shaban
    4. his name means he’s the guide one
    5. He will reappear when Allah wants