Story No. 133 – Farsighted [Save the honour of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)]

A Jew lost his invaluable ring and accidentally a poor Muslim fellow found it. When this Muslim came to know that it belongs to that Jew he went to return it to him. The Jew smiled and asked him: “Do you know its value?”

The Muslim replied: “Yes”

“You found this and you are also a poor and a needy!” said the Jew.

“Yes, you are right.” The Muslim replied.

The Jew asked, “Did it not come to your mind that by selling this ring you can live a comfortable life as you had an excuse that it belonged to a Jew?”

The Muslim told him, “Why, I should have thought that way?”

“So why did you return this ring to me while I was not knowing that you have found it?” questioned the Jew.

The poor Muslim replied: “We believe on the Day of Judgement. I told myself that if I do not give this ring to the owner, then during the accounting of the deeds of the people during Qayamat my Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and your Prophet Moses [Hazrat Musa (as)] would be sitting together and you will be complaining about this to your Prophet Moses [Hazrat Musa (as)] and then your Prophet Moses [Hazrat Musa (as)] would complain to my Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) that a person belonging from your Ummah (nation) has done such an act. And at that moment my Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) would not be able to answer him. I have returned this ring so that on the Day of Judgement, I save the honour of my Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Moral of the story: Think like a Muslim, act like a Muslim and love Allah (SWT) and Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) like a true Muslim.

(Lessons from stories, Mohammad Mohammadi Ishtehardy)