Story No. 138 – Prophet Muhammed (saw) and Impartiality between Children

Once, a lady entered the house of Aishah, the wife of Prophet Muhammed (saw), with her two children. Aishah presented three dates to the lady, who gave one date to each of her two children and taking the third date she halved it and once again distributed it evenly amongst them.

When Prophet Muhammed (saw) returned, Aishah narrated the episode to him whereupon he (saw) said: “Did the lady’s act leave you astonished? Due to her fairness and even-handedness, Allah (SWT) shall place her in Paradise.”

It has also been reported that once, a father arrived in the presence of Prophet Muhammed (saw) accompanied by his two children. In his presence he kissed one child and ignored the other. Noticing this incorrect act Prophet Muhammed (saw) commented: “Why do you not treat your children equally?”