Story No. 152 – Prophet of Islam, Muhammad’s (saw) Method of Propagating Islam

When Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (saw) began descending cave of Hira (Ghare Hira), in the al-Noor mountain to go home, he found that he was in a different mood; in a strange mood; in fact in another world; in a divine atmosphere. He was not a prophet before going to the mountain, but now he was related to the Source of Creation, had communicated with the Divine Origin, with the Divine Authority. He was now witnessing what Bahira, the Christian monk, and others had predicted about him; and he well knew that a momentous task had been laid upon his shoulders. He was deeply absorbed by the task. If he had any worries, it was not because he was unsure of his prophethood. Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (saw) had heard the tidings from such learned people as Bahira, and he had witnessed angel Gabriel (Jabra’il) bringing the good news, ‘You are Allah’s Messenger’. These were enough to assure him of his divine mission and prophethood.

In addition, Allah (SWT) has always, through clear proofs and compelling confirmations assured any prophet He has selected for guiding mankind of his prophethood, so he would endeavour to rectify, purify, and educate human beings with the strongest determination.

Therefore, it becomes clear that it is most baseless and wrong to say that Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (saw) did not know that he had become a prophet until his wife Khadijah bint Khuwaylid talked to him and assured him of his prophecy.