Story No. 180 – Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw) was a pious and sincere worshipper of Allah (SWT)

Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw) was a pious and sincere worshipper of Allah (SWT) Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw) had great love for ritual prayers so that during the night he would get up several times, brush his teeth, and then offer the most devoted prayers. He would stand worshipping Allah (SWT) and talking sincerely to the Almighty Creator for so long that as a result of so much standing in prayer, his legs were swollen.


Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw) took lessons from watching the sky, the moon, the sun, and every other thing in nature, and these phenomena attracted him to their Creator more than to themselves.


He was so devout and pious that not even for a single moment was he enchanted by any luxury or pleasure of this mortal world. In short, Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw) was a perfect model of all excellent virtues and sublime human qualities.


We have just presented a pale reflection of his celestial, resplendent portrait so that all over the world Muslims who regard themselves as the followers of Islam can make his morals and conduct their own model of behaviour and learn divine morality and correct programs for life from him.


As Noble Qur’an says, ‘Certainly you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in Allah and the latter day and remembers Allah much.’ (33:21)


May Allah’s greetings be upon him who was the selected superior and the best of pious human beings and the greetings of the angels upon the faithful.


We too greet him most cordially and sincerely. May he accept our respectful greetings as well as the greetings of you, our sisters and brothers in Islam. May Almighty Allah (SWT) help all of us to follow exactly the blessed footsteps of Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw), whose path is sure to lead us into eternal salvation and paradise.


Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) life was a practical demonstration of Noble Qur’an. His life and his character are exemplary for the Muslims. Even Non-Muslims have acknowledged the strength of his beautiful character. Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw) spread the light of Islam to far flung areas in a short span of 23 years. But do not forget, it was based on a strong foundation of character, which he had built over 40 years prior to spreading the message of Islam.


Today, we Muslims will have to think whether we have built our characters on the same pattern as was the character of our Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw). Unfortunately, our characters are not reflective of Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw). As a result, Islam is disgraced and subdued in the entire world. This is all because we Muslims failed to follow our dear Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw) and failed to build our characters. May Almighty Allah (SWT) help us all to strengthen our characters and become the beacons of Islam