Story No. 185 – Rasulallah (saw) and Abu Haitham ibn Tayyahan [Justice and Rasulallah (saw)]

Rasulallah (saw) had promised one of his companions, Abu Haitham ibn Tayyahan that he (saw) would present him with a slave.


Incidentally it so happened that three captives were brought before him – two of whom he (saw) gifted away while one remained with him.


Meanwhile his daughter Fatima al-Zahra (sa) approached him and requested: “O’ Prophet of Allah (SWT)! Can you grant me a slave or an assistant? Do you not see the effects of the hand mill upon my hands?”


At that moment Rasulallah (saw) suddenly recollected his promise to Abu Haitham ibn Tayyahan and said to himself: “Since I had previously promised Abu Haitham ibn Tayyahan, how can I grant my daughter precedence over him, even though my daughter turns the hand mill with her weak and delicate hands?”