Story No. 200 – Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) remembering Allah (SWT) when Confronting the Enemy

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) had started out for a battle and on the way ordered his army to halt.


In order to relieve himself, he distanced himself from his forces and headed towards a secluded location. In the meantime, it began to rain and it rained so hard that water began to flood as a result of which, Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was cut off from his army.


Having witnessed the change in weather, Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) sat beneath a tree when Huwairith ibn Al-Harith happened to see him. Speaking to his companions, Huwairith ibn Al-Harith said: “This man is Muhammad and he has become isolated from his forces. May Allah kill me if I do not kill him!”


Huwairith ibn Al-Harith unsheathed his sword and rushed at Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) saying: “Who is it that can deliver you from me?” Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said: “Allah (SWT)” and then prayed softly: “O’ Lord! Deliver me from the evils of Huwairith ibn Al-Harith in any manner as You please.”


Just as Huwairith ibn Al-Harith was about to inflict his blow an angel struck him on his shoulder as a result of which he collapsed onto the ground and the sword fell from his grasp. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) picked it up and said to him: “Who is it that can save you from me?” He said: “No one.” Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) advised: “Accept Islam and I shall hand your sword back to you!” He said: “I shall not accept Islam but I shall pledge that neither shall I fight you and your followers, nor help anyone against you.”


Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) returned his sword to him whereupon, Huwairith ibn Al-Harith said: “I swear that you are better than me.”