Story No. 187 – Salaam (Peace be on you) as taught by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

And when those who believe in Our communications come to you, say: Peace be on you, your Lord has ordained mercy on Himself… Noble Qur’an (6:54)


Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sitting one day with his Companions (Sahabah) and they were talking together. A person came in without asking permission and didn’t even offer his Salaam (Islamic Greeting).


“Why didn’t you say Salaam (Peace be on you)?” and “Why didn’t you ask permission to come in?” questioned Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


“Go back. Ask our permission and greet us with your Salaam (Peace be on you) before you come in,” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) instructed.


Regarding Salaam (Islamic Greeting), Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has told us:


O Muslims! You will not enter Paradise unless you are kind to each other, unless you warmly say Salaam (Peace be on you) to each other whenever you meet.


Always say Salaam (Peace be on you) in a loud voice and reply in the same way.


Allah (SWT) loves most the person who says Salaam (Peace be on you) first and gives him better rewards and blessings. First give your Salaam (Peace be on you), then say whatever you have to say.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “When you meet each other then initiate greeting (Salaam) and embrace; and when you separate from each other, then depart with seeking forgiveness.”


Imam Hussain ibn Ali (as) said: “Seventy rewards is the share of the one who initiates a ‘greeting (Salaam)’ and only one reward belongs to the one who returns the ‘greeting (Salaam)’.” (When two people see each other, the initiator of the exchange of greetings receives a greater reward.)


Imam Sadiq (as) said: “He who initiates a greeting is more beloved with Allah (SWT) and His Messenger.”


Note: Salaam – An Arabic word meaning peace and greetings, which Muslims uses in everyday life as per the teachings of Islam.