Story No. 201 – A Polytheist turns into a Believer [Story of convert to Islam]

Story of convert to Islam Shabih ibn Uthman was a polytheist whose father and brother had been killed by the Muslims in the battle of Uhud. He awaited an opportunity to kill Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and thus avenge the death of his father and brother.


Years passed and in the year 8 AH the battle of Hunain loomed. During that crisis, Shabih ibn Uthman said to himself: “This is an excellent opportunity,” and readied himself for battle. In the battle he advanced forward and positioned himself behind Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in order to execute his sinister intention.


Allah (SWT) informed Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) of his evil designs whereupon Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) immediately turned around and striking Shabih ibn Uthman’s chest with his fist, said: “O’ Shabih! I seek shelter in Allah (SWT) from your evils.”


Shabih ibn Uthman relates: “A shiver ran through my body. I looked at the face of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and at that very moment I felt as if he was the most beloved of all persons to me, to the extent that I even perceived him to be dearer to me than my very own eyes and ears.


At that very moment I bore witness to the Unity of Allah (SWT) and the Prophethood of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and became a Muslim, after which, I said to him (pbuh): “I bear witness that Allah (SWT) informed you of my concealed intentions.”


Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), placing his hand upon my chest, prayed: “O’ Lord! Ward the Satan away from him.”


After the battle of Hunain had concluded, he (pbuh) said to me: “What Allah (SWT) had desired for you is better than what you had desired for yourself.”