Story No. 211 – Alqaab (Titles) of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (as)

Alqaab (Titles) of Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (as)Among various titles, the most famous were:


Al-Murtaza (Murtadha) – The Chosen one of Allah

Amir al-Muminin (Ameerul Momineen) – The Commander of the Faithful

Imamul Muttaqeen – The Guide of the Pious and God fearing people

Mozhar al-Ajaaib (Mazharul Ajaib) – The Manifest of wonders

Madeenatul Ilm – The Gateway of the City of Knowledge

Saiyyidul Ausiya – The Chief of deputies of the Holy Prophet

Imamul Auliya – The Guide of the Saints

Asadullahul Ghaleb – The Ever Triumphant Lion of Allah

Lisaanullah – The Tongue of Allah

Yadullah – The Hand of Allah

Wajhullah – The Face of Allah

Nafse Rasulullah – The Soul of the Holy Prophet

Valiullah – The Friend of Allah

Siddeequl Akbar – The Greatest Truthful

Farooqul Aazam – The Greatest Distinguisher (between the truth and the falsehood)

Abu Turab – The Father of the Soil/Earth

Faateh-e-Khaiber – The Conqueror of Khaiber

Abul Aimmah – The Father of the Holy Imams

Akhu Rasulullah – The Brother of the Holy Prophet

Abul Eetam – The Father of orphans and the helpless

Haidar-e-Karrar – The Charging Lion

Safdar – Piercing lines, fighter