Story No. 269 – Survival of Religion Lies in Patience (Sabr)

One day Prophet Muhammad (saw), accompanied by the Commander of the Faithful, Hazrat Ali (as), had been heading towards the mosque of Quba when they happened to come across a lush green garden. Witnessing it Hazrat Ali (as) commented: “O Prophet of Allah! It is a nice garden.”


Survival of Religion Lies in PatienceProphet Muhammad (saw) responded: “Your garden in Paradise is nicer!”


They passed by the garden and continued on their way; in the course of their walk they passed by seven gardens and on each occasion the same conversation ensued between the two. Then, Prophet Muhammad (saw) took Hazrat Ali (as) into his arms and began weeping intensely, causing Hazrat Ali (as) to weep too. When Hazrat Ali (as) sought to know the reason for Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) weeping, he (saw) said: “I suddenly recollected the malice that has taken root in the breasts of the people towards you and which they shall make manifest after my death.”


Hazrat Ali (as) inquired: “O Prophet of Allah! What should I do?” He (saw) advised: “Patience and fortitude. If you fail to exhibit patience you shall fall into far greater difficulties.”


Hazrat Ali (as) said: “Do you fear the destruction of my faith and religion?”


Prophet Muhammad (saw) replied: “Your (faith and religion’s) existence lies in patience.”