Story No. 274 – Emphasis on reciting Namaz/Salat (Prayer) at the earliest time


Emphasis on reciting Namaz/Salat (Prayer)Traditions have greatly emphasized on punctuality with regard to prayer times and performing it on time. One should not delay prayer without a valid excuse. Our guides did not ever miss the best time of prayers even in the most difficult circumstances.


Thus in the book Irshad ul Quloob a narration states that one day Hazrat Amir al-Muminin Ali (as) was in the midst of fighting during the battle of Siffin. In spite of these circumstances he often glanced at the sun between the rows of fighters. Ibne Abbas asked him why he kept glancing at the Sun? Hazrat Amir al-Muminin Ali (as) said, “I am looking towards Zawaal (decline of Sun from its Zenith) so that I may perform Prayer.” Ibne Abbas asked him if there was opportunity to recite prayer in these trying circumstances? Hazrat Amir al-Muminin Ali (as) replied, “Why are we fighting these people? Our aim in fighting these people itself is the establishing of Prayer.”


Ibne Abbas has related that Hazrat Amir al-Muminin Ali (as) never omitted the Midnight Prayer, not even during the battle of Siffin when it was extreme winter.


It is reported that on the day of Ashura at the time of Zawaal, Abu Thamama Saidawi came to the Chief of Martyrs, Imam Hussain (as) and said, “O my Master! We shall all be killed without any doubt and the time for noon prayer (Zuhr) has arrived. So you please lead us in Prayer. This shall be our last Prayer and we hope that on this great occasion we meet the Lord in the condition of having performed one of the religious obligations. Chief of Martyrs, Imam Hussain (as) lifted his head towards the sky and said, “You have remembered Prayer, may Allah (SWT) include you among the praying ones. Yes, it is the time for Prayer.” Then he said, “Recite Azaan (the call for Prayer).”


After Azaan, Imam Hussain (as) called out, “O son of Sa’ad. Have you forgotten the Islamic Sharia (Religious Laws)? Would you not halt hostilities so that we can offer Prayer?” Thus Imam Hussain (as) offered the Prayer under perilous circumstances (Namaz-e-Khauf) in such a way that Zuhair Ibne Qayn and Saeed bin Abdullah Hanfi stood in front of Imam Hussain (as) and whenever an arrow was shot towards the Chief of Martyrs one of them acted as a shield and took the arrow upon himself. At last Saeed received thirteen arrow wounds in addition to the injuries caused by spears and swords and finally Saeed fell down and breathed his last.