Story No. 291 – Lady Fatimah Zahra (sa): Neighbors First

Lady Fatimah Zahra (sa): Neighbors FirstThe child had made it a habit to rise regularly in the small hours of the night and join his mother, Lady Fatimah Zahra (sa) in her nightly prayers called Tahajjud. He observed that his mother prayed for all Muslim men and all Muslim women. She remembered them by name and prayer for their prosperity and well being.


O Allah (SWT), pardon them their sins and let Your grace embrace them in all their dealings.


On this particular morning, the child decided to ask. When the prayers were over, he asked: Mother, you pray for all every day. Not a word for yourself or any one in the family?


Lady Fatimah Zahra (sa), blessings and salutations to her, said: ‘O my son Hassan, remember one thing. Neighbors first and then the house.’


In the end, we would like to recite a supplication that Lady Fatimah Zahra (sa) used to call Allah (SWT) with.


O Allah (SWT), make me content with what you have given me. and keep me in good health as long as you keep me alive.


Forgive me and have mercy on me when I die. O Allah (SWT) don’t make me exhaust myself in seeking what you did not mean to me, and let what you have destined to me easy to get. O Allah (SWT), reward my parents and everyone who did well to me. O Allah (SWT) dedicate me to what you have created me for to worship you, and follow your commands. O Allah (SWT) make me look humbly at myself and make me feel how great you are…


O Allah (SWT) guide me to obey you and to do what pleases you and avoid what angers you .You are the Most Merciful.