Story No. 332 – Imam Sajjad (as) and Beseeching Allah (SWT)

It is recounted by one narrator that: One night I was performing circumambulation (Tawaf) around the Holy Kaaba in Makkah. I saw a young man who had caught the cover of the Holy Kaaba in his hands and was crying. He was beseeching Allah (SWT), saying:


“O Lord of the universe, the eyes of all people of the world have closed for sleep, the sun has set and the stars have appeared in the sky, but You, O Master of the universe. You are always awake, alive and are the only permanence, and You are controlling the world and its inhabitants.”


“O Lord of all beings, the rulers have shut firm their gates, and have assigned watchmen over them, but the door to Your House. O dear Lord is always open to all, and You are always ready to relieve the distressed, cure the sick and help the oppressed.”


Imam Sajjad (as) and Beseeching Allah (SWT)”O Merciful Allah (SWT), O creation’s Beloved, this helpless creature has come to Your House this dark night, perhaps You will favor him.”


“O Allah (SWT), You Who answer the call of the helpless in the darkness of night.”


“O Allah (SWT), You Who rescue the distressed from their difficulties.”


“O Allah (SWT), You Who aid Your creatures when they are in distress.”


“O Allah (SWT), You Who cure those in pain.”


“O Lord, Your guests are asleep around Your House. But You, O Adored Lord, are the only One Who has no sleep. You are He Who is controlling the world and all its creatures.”


“O Lord, I have come to Your House this dark night and am calling on You, for You Yourself have told us to call on You.”


“O Allah (SWT), I implore You by this Holy House to have mercy on Your servant. O Lord, if Your creatures don’t come to Your House and place their hopes in You. To whose house will they go and in whom will they place their hopes?”


“I became very joyful,” the narrator continued.


“Listening to the young man imploring Allah (SWT) and from witnessing his devotion to Him. I went closer to see who the young man was? I saw that it was 4th Imam, Imam Sajjad (as), and I realized that only he could beseech Allah (SWT) in such a way.”