Story No. 352 – Imam Baqer (as): was the great grandson of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as)

One day a man came to Imam Baqer (as), fifth Imam of the Shiites and asked him a very interesting question.

Man: Please tell me if how much power has Allah (SWT) given to us human beings? Is it that Allah (SWT) has given us absolute power, no power at all or limited power?

Imam Baqer (as): Please stand up. The man stands up. Now keep your one foot in the air. He does that.

Imam Baqer (as): Now keep your other foot in air.

Man: I cannot do that. I will fall down.

Imam Baqer (as): Allah (SWT) has given you this much power. You are not given the complete power and you are not made powerless either.