Story No. 353 – Imam Baqir (as): At the Door of a Brother

Imam Baqer (as), fifth Imam of the Shiites said: An angel was once passing by a house, when he witnessed a man standing near its door. The angel questioned him, “Why do you stand here?”

“This is the house of my brother and I wish to greet him,” answered the man.

The angel asked, “Is he of your kith and kin or is it that you are in need of his help that you have come to pay him a visit?”

“The reality is not as you make it out to be. We are just brethren in faith and I only wish to meet him and greet him for the sake of Allah (SWT)”.

“I am Allah’s (SWT) messenger towards you,” the angel said. “He has sent you His greetings and has said: O’ My Servant! You have paid Me a visit and desired My pleasure and so, as a reward for upholding the rights and sanctity of religious brotherhood, I have made Paradise compulsory for you and have distanced you from My fire and wrath.