Story No. 373– Imam Sadegh (as) and Islamic Society

Islamic SocietyOne day when our 6th Imam, Imam Sadegh (as) was walking down a street he saw that some people had thrown the food that they could not eat onto the street.


Imam Sadegh (as) was very sad to see this. He told the people that what they had done was very wrong because there were so many people in the world who are hungry as they have no food.


Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) has told us that if you do not think about the needs of other Muslims then you are not a Muslim. This is why Hazrat Imam Sadegh (as) used to go out in the middle of the cold dark nights to give food to the poor.


Moral: You should never take more than you need of anything. You should always think about other people, especially Muslims in Islamic Society, who have not got as much as you have.