Story No. 391 – Imam Moosa Al-Kadhim (as) and Knowledge of unseen (Ilm-e-Ghaib):

One day Haroon Rasheed sent some robes to Ali bin Yaqtin to honour him. Among their number was a black woolen cloak adorned with gold like the robes of kings. Ali bin Yaqtin dispatched those robes to Imam Moosa Al-Kadhim (as). Among their number he (also) sent that cloak adorned with gold. Ali bin Yaqtin added some money which he had already prepared specifically for him as the fifth of his money (Khums – tax for the Imams) which he was going to pay him.

When that reached Imam Moosa Al-Kadhim (as), he accepted the money and the robes but returned the cloak by the hand of the messenger to Ali bin Yaqtin. Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (as), wrote to him: “Keep it and do not let it leave your hands. For an event will occur to you because of it when you will have the need of it with him (Haroon Rasheed).”

Ali bin Yaqtin was suspicious about it being returned to him and did not understand the reason for that. Some time later, Ali bin Yaqtin changed (his attitude) towards a servant who had a special position with him and he left his service.

The servant knew about Ali bin Yaqtin’s inclination towards Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (as). He was acquainted with the money, robes and other things (Ali bin Yaqtin) had sent to (Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (as)) on every occasion. He (went and) informed on him to Haroon Rasheed. He told (Haroon Rasheed) that (Ali bin Yaqtin) maintained the Imamate of Imam Musa Al-Kadhim (as) and paid him a fifth of his money each year, and also that he had given him the cloak with which the Commander of the faithful (Haroon Rasheed) had honoured him at such-and-such a time. Haroon Rasheed burned with anger and was furious. He declared: “I will expose this situation. If the matter is as you say, his life will be destroyed.”

Abbasid Caliph, Haroon Rasheed immediately sent for Ali bin Yaqtin to be brought. When he appeared before him, Haroon Rasheed said: “What have you done with the cloak which I bestowed upon you?”

“Commander of the faithful,” (Ali bin Yaqtin) replied, “I still have it in a sealed chest and there I keep perfume with it. In the mornings I open it and look at it to gain blessings from it. I kiss it and then put it back in its place. Every night I do the same thing.”

“Bring it, immediately,” Haroon Rasheed ordered.

“Yes, Commander of the faithful,” he answered. Ali bin Yaqtin summoned one of his servants and told him: “Go to such-and-such a room in my house. Take the key for it from my custodian and open it. Open such-and-such a box and bring me the sealed chest which is in it.”

It was not long before the servant returned with the chest still sealed. Ali bin Yaqtin put it before Haroon Rasheed and told him to break the seal and open it. When Haroon Rasheed opened it, he saw the cloak in it folded and laid out in perfume.

Haroon Rasheed’s anger became pacified and he said to Ali bin Yaqtin: “Return it to its place and go away righteously. I will never disbelieve you again on the word of an informer.”

Haroon Rasheed ordered a magnificent gift to be sent after him and he had the informer flogged with a thousand lashes. After he had been flogged about a hundred lashes, informer died.