Story No. 427 – Sickness and the death of the daughter of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (as)

Fatemah Ma’soomah and her companions finally entered the town of Qum on 23rd Rabi ul-Awwal 201 (A.H.) where they were very warmly welcome by the people of the town. The people of Qum were elated to have the daughter of the seventh Imam among them. Musa ibn Khazraj was a rich man with a noble status. He had also a big home and offered Fatemah Ma’soomah to stay at his home and taking the reins led the caravan to his house, excited and happy to be a good host for his guest. He started arranging for all their requirements. Fatemah Ma’soomah chose a place for herself in which to pray and invoke the Almighty Allah. She prayed for her health and the problems she had faced and to ask God for everything she wanted. She wanted help from God only. The place to-date still exists and is known as “BAYT-UN-NOOR”. The sickness of Imam Kadhim’s daughter, made her host and companions and the people of Qum very sad. They left no stone unturned and did their best for her health but her health deteriorated day by day. Her sickness spread in the whole body and finally on the 10th of Rabi ul-Akher this noble lady with tears in her eyes at the thought of her brother, left this perishable world. The people of Qum mourned the affliction of this injured lady. They all sat in mourning.