Story No. 431 – Imam al-Taqi (as): Allah (SWT) can give you much more

When our 9th Imam, Imam Taqi (as) was only 9 years old, his father our 8th Imam, Imam Ali Ridha (as) was killed by the king Mamun al-Rashid.

Mamun al-Rashid decided that he would try to buy (bribe) Imam Taqi (as) into his way of life because Imam Taqi (as) was still only a child.

Mamun al-Rashid took Imam Taqi (as) to his palace and gave him whatever money could buy, but Imam Taqi (as) was not interested, because he knew Allah (SWT) could give him much much more.

No matter how much Mamun al-Rashid gave him, Imam Taqi (as) did not do anything against Allah’s (SWT) commands as Mamun al-Rashid wished.

Moral: Whatever anyone gives you always remember that Allah (SWT) can give you so much more but only if you are a good Muslim and do as Allah (SWT) tells you.