Story No. 436 – Imam Hadi’s (as) attends the distressed:

Once “Younas Naqqash” came terrified and trembling to see our 10th Imam, Imam Hadi (as) and said, “Oh the son of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) I am at the verge and threshold of death, you help my family.” Imam Hadi (as) asked him as to what was the matter. Younas Naqqash said so, “one of the courtiers of Abbasid Caliphate has given me a gem to engrave a design upon it. During the work, the gem broke into two pieces. Tomorrow, he will send someone to collect the gem. If he comes to know about the matter he will kill me.”

Imam Hadi (as) bent his head downward then he raised it saying, “I prayed for you, be satisfied no harm will reach you from him, instead, this work will end to your benefit. Get up and go you will face no trouble tomorrow.”

The next day Younas Naqqash moved towards the house of that man with trembling legs along with one of the officials deputed. Not very long afterwards, the owner of the house arrived and said, “Oh Younas Naqqash it was settled that you engrave a design over that gem but two of my daughters have a conflict upon this gem.” If it is possible, break the gem into two pieces, and engrave the design on each of the two parts of it. I will give you a reward too, for that, Younas Naqqash said, “Permit me to think about this matter.”

He came out of that place and returned happily to Imam Hadi (as) and expressed his gratitude and thankfulness over the kindness he had shown to him.

Moral: No matter what trouble you are faced with always trust in Allah (SWT) and ask for His help as He can make anything happen.