Story No. 442 – Imam Ali Naqi (as) in Abbasid Caliph Al-Mutawakkil’s party:

Al-Mutawakkil, the cruel Abbasid Caliph was very fearful that people were so drawn to our 10th Imam, Imam Ali Naqi (as). He was very upset with the realization of the fact that people were ready to do anything that the Imam Ali Naqi (as) would order. Some of the conspirators also gathered around the Caliph and told him that perhaps the Imam Ali Naqi (as) has intention of revolt. And that they might find some evidence from his house.

Thus Al-Mutawakkil ordered some of his cruel fellow men to break in and search Imam Ali Naqi’s (as) house and arrest him, in the middle of the night without a notice when all were asleep. Al-Mutawakkil made this decision while he was in a party and was drinking heavily. Al-Mutawakkil’s men entered Imam Ali Naqi’s (as) house and decided to arrest him first. They found him alone, in a room. He had taken the carpet out and was sitting on the gravel of the floor busy in remembrance of Allah. They searched everywhere and couldn’t find anything. Thus they arrested the Imam Ali Naqi (as) and took him to Al-Mutawakkil.

When the Imam Ali Naqi (as) arrived. Al-Mutawakkil was at the prime of his drinking party. He ordered the Imam Ali Naqi (as) to sit next him. Then he offered a glass of wine to the Imam Ali Naqi (as). Imam Ali Naqi (as) refuse and said: “By Allah never has wine entered my body. Excuse me from it.” Al-Mutawakkil accepted and said: “Then sing for us and entertain us with beautiful poems.” Imam Ali Naqi (as) said: “I am not interested in poetry and I remember only but a little of the poems of other”. Al-Mutawakkil said: “There is no excuse; you must read us some poetry.”

Imam Ali Naqi (as) started: “They made rising mountains their residence. And they always had armed men guarding them. But none could save them from the attack of death. At the end they were descended from those hills and placed in the deeply dug graves with misery and humility. At this time a caller called: Where is all that glory, crowns, and luxury? Where is the face that knew comfort and hid itself behind silk curtains from the gazes of the commoner? The grave disgraced them at end. Those delicate faces are the ground for worms to crawl on. For a long time they sucked, swallowed, drank and ate of the earth. But today they are food for the earth and its pests.”

Imam Ali Naqi’s (as) voice resonated with a deep and effected melody onto the ears of the attendants, and destroyed the high of the wine. Al-Mutawakkil threw his glass away and started crying. Thus was Abbasid Caliph Al-Mutawakkil’s party ruined, and the light of truth shun into a disease heart even if it were for a fleeting moment.