Story No. 462 – Roman princess Malika Falls in Love with Imam Hassan Askari (as)

Nargis Khatoon (sa) then said: After fourteen nights, 1 saw another vision where I saw Fatima daughter of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and Mary mother of Jesus (sa) along with a number of maids of honor came to visit me. Mary said to me: “This is Fatima your husband’s mother.” I embraced her and cried and complained that Imam Hassan Askari did not come to see me. She said that her son would not visit me as long as I was of a different religion. I would have to embrace Islam to see him. She said: “If you were inclined to satisfy God and satisfy Jesus (as) and Mary (sa) and wanted Imam Hassan Askari (as) to visit you then you would have to say Ash’hado An La Ilaha Illa Allah, Wa Anna Mohammadan Rasoolul Allah (I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and that Mohammad is His messenger).

I was willing heart and soul to accept Islam, and spoke those words: Ash’hado An La Ilaha Illa Allah, Wa Anna Mohammadan Rasoolul Allah. Fatima daughter of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) embraced me and said: “Now expect the visit of Imam Hassan Askari, I will send him to you”.

I woke up very happy and eager for meeting my beloved. On the following night, I saw as if he came to see me and I am saying O’ beloved, you have forsaken me, while I was suffering in your love. He said that my belief was the reason for his delay, but from now on he would visit me every night until Almighty Allah will join us together. He visited every night ever since.