Story No. 463 – The Captive Roman Princess Narjis

Bishr Al-Ansari asked: “Then how you became a captive?” Nargis Khatoon (sa) said: “Imam Hassan Askari (as) told me one night that my grandfather will send out a big army to fight the Muslims on day so and so, and then he would join that army later on. When that happens, I am to follow them taking so and so route disguised as a maid with some of my maids. As I did what I was told, I found myself and the maids surrounded by the vanguard of the Muslim army. We were taken captives. No body knew that I was a Roman princess and I never told anyone. Even the old man, in whose bounty I became captive, the one you have bought me from, asked me my name. I said it was Narjis (meaning a narcissus flower). He said that it is a maid’s name. The rest of the story you witnessed in the slave market.”

Roman Princess Narjis learned Arabic


Bishr Al-Ansari asked: “How come you are a Roman and you speak Arabic?” She said: “Yes, my grandfather loved me so much that he wanted me to study literature and languages. He appointed his royal female interpreter as my teacher. She came day and night to teach me Arabic until I became proficient with it.”