Story No. 467 – Advent of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (ATFS)

Ali and his family were very pious and religious people, they would visit Islamic Center’s and Masjid’s every Thursday and Friday, they would seldom missed any opportunity as far as “rights of Allah” like performing prayers and other mandatory religious requirements was concerned but the same could not be said when it came to the rights of the oppressed. Not that they did not like to help the oppressed but their “hectic schedule” and “low priority” prevented them from making the necessary effort in that direction.

It was the auspicious night of 15th Shab’an the birth anniversary of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (ATFS) and Ali was extremely please with himself as he was able to joined the congregation at the Islamic Centre to celebrate the occasion and to perform special prayers, including the supplications invoking Allah (SWT) to hasten the advent of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (ATFS). After staying awake throughout the night in prayers and assuming close proximity of Imam Mehdi (ATFS), he peacefully went to sleep.

Ali woke up on a bright, sunny morning and looked out of the window. It looked like a perfectly normal day, but then he remembered it wouldn’t be as perfect as he would’ve liked it to be. Just this past week, the sun had started rising from the west and setting in the east. The meteorologists at NASA kept saying again and again on the news media that it was only the dust from the severe earthquakes occurring around the world that was causing this outstanding mirage. That it wasn’t the only thing making ‘top headlines’ on the news though. A powerful man was slowly taking over the world under the guise of “war on terror”. Could he be the prophesized “Sufiani” Ali wondered, the evil person appearing before the advent of Imam Mehdi (ATFS) as he sat in his bed trying to remember where he had heard about him before. Was it in one of the Islamic speeches or at “Sunday Madrassa”, Yes, he said to himself it was at “Sunday Madrassa” that’s where he had heard. But what did they warn us about “Sufiani”? He is a rich, powerful man with plenty of resources. He will buy the high profile people from the Muslim Ummah to promote his evil plan while the majority will remain completely oblivious to what is really going on, their primary and only concern would be to satisfy their desires whatever that may be, consumption, sex, love, status, money, etc. In the mean time, Sufiani and his army shall be pulling the strings and profiting from global exploitation with no resistance because the masses were simply mindless zombies.

Ali was just getting ready to get out of bed when he heard a loud voice saying that the one who will rid the world of injustice has come. Just as the voice stopped speaking, Ali heard another voice that spoke to him softly, in a very soothing tone that immediately made him feel very sleepy. “Go back to sleep” it said. “There is no one here your mind is playing tricks on you. Think of how tired you are and how warm your bed is. Go on back to sleep.” Like a fool, Ali listened to the voice and went back to sleep.

The sound of the doorbell woke him up, Ali tried to ignore it but the persistent ringing convinced him that whoever was there was not going away. Finally Ali dragged himself out of the bed to open the door. He saw a handsome young stranger staring at him with kindness. The stranger greeted him in an extremely polite way. Ali usually wouldn’t invite strangers in his house, but something about this man made him to invite him inside. As the stranger stepped in, he said “are you ready to join me in my struggle to spread justice in this world”. On hearing this, Ali was baffled, confused and perplexed, gathering enough courage he asked, “Who are you?” The stranger politely replied, “you always stood-up whenever my name was uttered as a indication of joining me in my struggle, on hearing my name you would place your right hand on your head as a sign of offering your head in my cause” – The time has come, Islam needs your sacrifice in order to restore the justice and peace”. He further continued “I am preparing an army that will help us get rid of these evil people, and restore peace and justice”. On hearing his words, rush of adrenaline soared through Ali’s vein, comprehension dawned on him as he realized that he was in the presence of his Imam. Ali’s knees felt weak as relief washed over him.

Ali replied, “O my Imam, I have patiently waited for you all along during these hard times and I would be highly obliged to join your army if you could solve my simple little problems, you see I just bought my first big house and to pay the “mortgage” for this I and my wife have to work round the clock. The big house without the furniture was worthless so we bought new furniture’s. In this new neighbourhood all my neighbours had new latest car so we got new cars. To watch the annual Hajj Pilgrimage live from Makkah and Ashura live from Karbala we bought new plasma TV, all this recent expenditures has put us in tremendous debt. Than we have this “recurring” expense of my children’s that are undergoing graduation, can you help me with this small problem. The Imam stood in silence, he did not speak……

Ali continued……if my problems could be solve, I would gladly joined you. I know I am sounding similar to my forefathers that left your forefathers stranded before but let me tell you that my forefathers were wrong because they had more time then we have, you see we are terribly swamp at times for weeks together I don’t get time to see my wife or my children’s we just exchange messages on “voice mails” and “emails”. If I had time I would have gladly joined you however I promise you that every evening I will perform additional prayers for your success, please consider me with you spiritually and financially. The Imam looked at Ali walked away towards the door saying, “You are the real cause of my delay, you are still not ready for my mission”.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar! Ali opened his eyes, he was jolted awake by the sound of the adhan emanating from his digital alarm clock. He sat up in his bed and looked around his master bedroom. His heart was still beating fast as he realized that it was a tragic dream. A dream that has shattered all his hope, all along he has thought that he was waiting for his Imam but his dream has proved otherwise. He had gathered enough “signs on the appearance” of Imam but failed to meet the “conditions of appearance” he realized how unprepared he was for his Imam’s advent, he cried from the depth of his heart, he fell to the floor crying in shame and saying “O Allah let this tragic dream become wake-up call for my preparation, give me courage and hope to work for the condition that will result in the final uprising of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (ATFS)”.