Story No. 481 – Imam Mehdi (a.t.f.s.) and Allamah Shaikh Hilli (a.r.)

Allamah Shaikh Hilli (a.r.) the great shia scholar narrates….

I had heard that a person wrote a book in which he had criticized the Shia faith and had written false and wrong traditions to prove lies as truth and truth as lies.

I know that the writer teaches only his students from his book and he never gave that book to anyone else, so that the book should not come into the hands of Shia Ulama and scholars, so that the false things written cannot be disclosed.

I was very disturbed when I hear this and I made every possible attempt to lay my hands on that book. There was only one way to get the book and that was to become the student of the writer, and that is what I did.

Till three months I attended every lecture and listened to his false talks and had to bear it. I used to return very tired in the afternoon to my house. And slowly I gained his confidence and he started to trust me.

I persuaded his to lend that book and he could not refuse to lend me the book. He took an oath from me that I could keep the book only for one night and return it back the next day in the morning.

I took the book and hurried towards my home and I know that it was not possible to copy all the pages in one night. But I said to himself that I will try to copy down as many as pages and answer them and then distribute them among people. I did this so that the people may know the truth.

As I reached near my house I realized that I did not have enough ink in the house to copy the book. I hurried towards a shop to buy some ink. After that I quickly walked towards to my home.

I reached home, performed my prayers and quickly started to write. I draw lines on white papers and copied down a few pages. It had completely slipped my mind that I had not eaten anything and had no provisions for my dinner also.

And soon it was night. I performed my evening prayers and after lighting the candles I again sat down to write. Time passed by quickly and I realized that I had not even finished half of the book but being hungry and tired my eyes grew heavy and I slowed down and after a few pages it become too difficult to continue.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I wondered who it could be at this time of the night. Again I heard the knock. I opened the door and saw a handsome young man standing out whose face was shining like a moon and he was smiling at me.

I did not know him and when he called out my name I was surprise that how he knew my name. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I forget to invite the visitor in the house. I welcomed him in the house but was worried that I could not finish the book in time.

He walked calmly and went and sat near the pages I wrote. I wondered what he wanted but did not have the courage to ask the man what he wanted at this time of the night. The young man asked me why I was awake at this time of the night. I replied that I was copying down a book but he did not ask me why I was doing so. He suggested to me that I should draw the lines on the pages while he copied down the book.

I was overjoyed and started to quickly draw the lines on the pages while he copied it down. He was writing quickly and very beautifully. He was so fast that I could not catch up with him in drawing the lines.

I was very tired now and the young guest asked me to lie down and rest while he wrote.

It was a good idea and I requested the young man to wake me up before he left so I could finish the book. Soon I went to sleep.

When I wake up in the morning I saw that the guest had left. I was upset that he left without waking me up and now I could not complete the book. I rushed towards the book and turned the pages of it to see how much is left? But as I turned the pages I realized that he had completed copying the book.

How was this possible? It was impossible that he could finish the book.

The young man had left a signature at the end of the book. I looked at the sign and my whole body trembled and I started to weep profusely.

The signature read as “Writer – Hujjat (Proof of Allah).”

I realized that the guest was no other then my beloved Imam-e-Zamana (as).

This meant that Imam (as) had written these pages. He came to my help and I could not recognize him. I slept while he did my work.

Allamah Shaikh Hilli (a.r.) cried and trembled. He could not stop crying as all the time he could see only the handsome face in front of him.

He took the book and quickly hurried towards the writer’s house.

When he stepped out of the house he looked towards the sky and prayed “O Allah! If possible, let me meet him again.”