Online Institutions

Teachers Training for Online Institutions


Children Age: Primary and Secondary

Duration: Minimum 2 hours

Course Topics:


  1. How to identify the signs and symptoms of possible abuse
  2. What the relevant child protection procedures are, including the school’s own internal procedures, where they are held in the school and how they can be referred to if necessary
  3. What the reporting procedures are
  4. How to talk to children about whom there are concerns in an appropriate way, and how to record the information they have acquired
  5. Who the designated teacher is and who will carry out his/her responsibilities if he/she is unavailable or is the subject of the complaint.

These areas cover Level 1 Safeguarding requirements

Class Management

  1. Behaviour Management
  2. Student Engagement
  3. Classwork and Assessments
  4. Teacher use of Technology/ Mental Well being
  5. Communication with Parents and Students

Lesson Planning

  1. Medium and Long term plans according to curriculum
  2. Planning a creative lesson
  3. Resources and Templates
  4. Observation and Feedback
  5. Model Lesson