Message from Aunty Erum – 30.04.20

Assalaamu alaikum,

Thank you for sharing your lovely Sunrise and Sunset art work. They were all so lovely, I was amazed. I wish I could print them all out and put them up in my house. As our video was a little long today I did not get to share the rest of the ‘Ramadan Rules’ but I have put up the video in the ‘Challenge Gallery’, so please have a look.

InshaAllah I am trying to find a way for the work you submit to be uploaded straight onto our website to make it easier and quicker for you all to see the work. Also on our challenge blog for each days challenge I have added a ‘Comment’ box so that you can write straight onto the website how you have progressed with the challenge.

I am so proud of you all and am sure that Allah will be rewarding you all for your hard work. Keep the work coming :). Stay safe and well inshaAllah.


Aunty Erum

Challenge Day 5 – Learn Surah Qadr


Masooma – I learnt Surah Qadr and now will start to look at what it means. I also ready 20 times Alhumdulillah.

Tatheer – Sure Qadr recited

Mehdi and Yahya – Also both will be learning 1 line of surah Qadr each day until memorised inshaAllah.






Message from Aunty Erum – 29.04.20

Salaam all,

I pray that you are all well. Just to let you know when I put together the photos of work sent in for the next days video I have to complete it by 10pm, so any work that comes in after that will be shared the day after that.

Thank you for sharing all your lovely work, I am really enjoy seeing your work. Keep it up!


Aunty Erum

Challenge Day 4 – Recite Alhumdulillah

Yahya and Mehdi – We always say Alhumdulillah agyer we finish eating our food and hardly waste any food on our plates. Today we have learnt that we should say Alhumdulillah for everything else as well even if things don’t go how we want as Allah knows what is best for us and we learn from it. We have each recited 100 on our tasbeehs.


Fizza – I recited Alhamdullilah for few time.


Aliza –  I said Alhumdulillah 100 times.

Hassan – Hassan did 200 time Alhamduallah

Shireen – Shireen did 2222 Alhamduallah in one day

Masooma – I also ready 20 times Alhumdulillah.



Message from Aunty Erum – 28.04.20

Assalaamu alaikum children,

I pray that you are all keeping well and enjoying the videos. I am really impressed with all the work you have been sending in. Sorry I have not been able to respond to all the work emails you have sent in but I just want you all to know that the work I have received has been amazing.
I also wanted to mention in the story today about Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) I mentioned that the Imam stopped giving when the old man said ‘Thank you’ instead of ‘Alhumdulillah’. I just wanted to tell you that we should always say ‘Thank you’ but the story teaches us that when we say ‘Alhumdulillah’ we are thanking Allah directly so Allah gives us more. Of course always remember your good Akhlaq and say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you.

Well done all. Keep it up!

Aunty Erum

Challenge Day 3 – Learn the Dua for breaking your fast


Fatima – I have learnt the dua to read at iftar and completed the activity.
Mohammad Waqib – I have started to learn the dua of breaking fast .I hope in a weak
I,ll learn it by heart.




Message from Aunty Erum – 27.04.20

Salaam children,

I pray that you are all well and enjoying the month of Ramadan. Well done for taking part in our sessions and completing the activities and challenges. I am so impressed with the work you have been doing and the challenges you have set yourself. Keep it up.

May Allah reward you all.

Aunty Erum




Challenge Day 2 – Give up something for the month

Challenge Day 2 Progress

‘Wow what lovely challenges – you are all doing such a great job!’

Inaaya – cleaned her room up!

Masooma – My challenge for myself is to not bicker with my little brother.

Aaima – For the challenge i am going to give up walking around the house barefoot,andnow wear shoes,not only ramadan but for as long as i can.

Ali – I am giving up playing games on my phone for the month of Ramadan.

Mohammad Waqib – I have a challenge that I,ll leave anger throughout this holy month.

Shireen – I will change my self by not disturbing my cousins I’m be nice to them in this month and Inshallah I’ll continue also after Ramadhan

Abbas – I will be giving up sweets and other unhealthy treats during Ramadan.

Kayanat – I will give up eating unhealthy foods.

Kashan –   1) Do exercise everyday   2) Be organise 3) Time management (praying namaz on time) 4) Eat healthy 5) helping others.

Alina – 1). Try and fast every day2).Be helpful3).Be healthy.

Aunty Erum – Give up Pepsi Max for the month.

Mehdi is trying to let his younger brothers have turns with toys more so to avoid arguments in this blessed month.
Yahya is trying to eat healthier and especially give up eating crisps to half of what he normally has in the week.

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