Analysis of current Corona Virus situation:

1. Reviewing Divine punishments in history it looks like they were for a group of people who then perished completely. In current situation, people are being infected, recovering, dying, re-infecting for different time periods

2. if this situation is not initiated by Allah, it can be initiated by man as a delibrate action or a mistake. Now the cause and effect principle applies. We need to find and reflect on the effect

3. Regardless of initiation, what should we do about it?
a. Take this as a serious reminder from Allah. He was giving us thoeritical reminders so far. Now we can feel the sense of being out of control
b. Lets move quickly to do outstanding tasks which are important but for some reason or the other gets put off, as we can see we dont have time
c. We need to plan for things which were never taken seriously. Dieing tomorrow. Loosing a job with a valid reason. Writing a will etc
d. Once minimum tasks completed, lets look outside the box and help others