Story No. 117 – They are not in need of your presents…!

A’bdullah Ibn Masud had been one of the close companions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and had

developed into being a distinguished and zealous personality of Islam. During the caliphate of

Hazrat U’thman, he suffered a bout of illness, which eventually resulted in his death.

Hazrat U’thman once came to pay him a visit and finding him distressed, asked, what distresses

you so greatly? My sins, he answered.

“The honor of a Mu’min lies in night worship

Tell me your wish so that I can fulfill it for you.

and his esteem lies in his being

independent of the people.”

I desire God mercy, replied Ibn Masud.

Imam Sadiq (AS)

The caliph asked, if you permit, I could call for the doctor.

It is the Doctor who has made me sick, replied Ibn Masud.

If you want, I could present you with gifts from the Public Treasury.

Ibn Masud retorted, at the time when I was in need, you did not give me a thing and now that I am

not in need, you wish to shower me with presents!

Hazrat U’thman insisted, Let these gifts be for your daughters then.

They are not in need of your presents, Ibn Masud replied tersely. I have instructed them to recite

the chapter Al-Waaqiah every night, for surely, I have heard the Holy Prophet (SAW) say: One, who

recites the chapter Al-Waaqiah every night, shall never be afflicted by poverty.

“Prayer reverts both what has been destined and what has not been destined.” Imam Musa (AS)