Story No. 203 – Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) during his Last Days (Forgiveness in Islam)

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) during his Last Days (Forgiveness in Islam)On one of the days during his illness, Imam Ali (as) and Fadl ibn Abbas helped bring Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) into the mosque. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) entered with much difficulty dragging his feet. He had tied his head with a piece of cloth. When Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was finally on the pulpit, he said: “O people! The time has arrived that I shall leave you. If I have made a promise with anyone, I am prepared to fulfill it; and if I owe something to somebody, he should speak out, so that I may make payment to him”.


At this moment a man stood up and said: “In the past you had promised to help me financially if I got married.” Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) immediately ordered Fadl ibn Abbas to pay the required amount to him. Then he dismounted the pulpit and went home. Thereafter he came to the mosque again on the Friday, three days before his demise. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said: “Whoever has a right over me should stand and mention it, for punishment in this world is lighter than the punishment on the Day of Judgment.”


At this moment, Sawadah ibn Qays stood up and said: “When we were returning from the Battle of Ta’if, you raised your scourge to hit the camel you were riding, but it accidentally struck my stomach. I want to take revenge now.”


It is remarkable that the request of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was not a mere formality but it was a serious request. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) wanted to compensate even for the smallest acts and rights, which were not usually of any importance for the common people. Furthermore, as Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) did not hit Sawadah ibn Qays intentionally, Sawadah ibn Qays did not have the right to take revenge. He could only ask for Diya – a prescribed compensation through payment. Regardless of this however, Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) wanted to grant his wish.


Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) therefore, ordered the same scourge to be brought from his house. He then prepared his clothing in a manner so that Sawadah ibn Qays could take his revenge. The companions of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) were watching the scene with grieved hearts. Their eyes were filled with tears. Everyone wanted to see how the matter would end and whether Sawadah ibn Qays would actually take revenge or not?


Suddenly they saw Sawadah ibn Qays kissing Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). At this moment Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) prayed for him and said: “O Allah (SWT)! Forgive Sawadah ibn Qays in the same manner that he has forgiven the Prophet of Islam”.