Story No. 204 – Prophet Mohammad (saw): Universal Mission of inviting people to Islam

Prophet Mohammad (saw): Universal Mission of inviting people to IslamArabia, during the time of Prophet Mohammad (saw), was a country without any central authority. It was a country far from the civilized nations of those days. At the time Prophet Mohammad (saw) was spreading Islam; asking people to turn away from worshipping idols to worshipping Allah (SWT), the Almighty, the All-Knower, and the Master.


In 6/7 AH (628CE), Prophet Mohammad (saw) dispatched several representatives to rulers and kings of different parts of the world, each with a letter in which he invited them to become Muslims and submit to Allah’s (SWT) faith. All these letters had the same purport, that is, the invitation to monotheism and Islamic fraternity. Many of the letters were met with a favorable response whilst others were rejected.


In many cases, the messengers of Prophet Mohammad (saw) were badly treated and abused. But Prophet Mohammad (saw) was not worried by these setbacks. He was inviting people to the right path and a few setbacks could not deter him from propagating Islam.


Since Prophet Mohammad’s (saw) mission was divine, in obedience to Allah’s (SWT) command, consistent with human nature and meant to lead people to Allah’s (SWT) path, it highly impressed such just, truth seeking people as al-Najashi (Negus), good Christian King of Abyssinia ( Ethiopia ), Muquqs, and others, so they submitted to Islam.


Research made on the collection of Prophet Mohammad’s (saw) letters indicates that he sent 62 letters to kings, chiefs of tribes and clans, and heads of convents.