Story No. 140 – Hazrat Mohammed (saw) as a shepherd and a contemplative man

Although Hazrat Abu Talib ibn Abd Al-Muttalib was rated as a man of status among the Quraish, his income, was not sufficient to support his family. Now that Hazrat Mohammed (saw) was of mature age, he was naturally inclined to find a job to ease the heavy burden upon his uncle’s shoulders. But what kind of job should he engage in to suit his supreme character?

Since he (saw) was destined to become a great Prophet and a sublime leader, to face unrestrained obstinate people, to fight against the superstitious beliefs and wrong customs of the period of ignorance, and to lay the foundations of the magnificent palace of justice and proper laws and regulations, he found it expedient to become a herdsman.

Hazrat Mohammed (saw) would take the sheep and cattle of his relatives and those of the people of Makkah to the surrounding deserts to graze. He (saw) gave his uncle the wages he received in return.

This engagement outside the noisy, agitated environment of the city and away from people’s disputes and conflicts gave him an invaluable opportunity to acquire much experience, of which the sweet fruits appeared during his prophethood and time of leadership.

Indeed, during this period, he (saw) acquired many superior human characteristics such as generosity, good temper, magnanimity, good behaviour towards neighbours, tolerance, truthfulness, trustworthiness, and avoidance of vices. Hazrat Mohammed (saw) grew up to become a fine young man. He (saw) became known for his excellent manners, and because of the honesty in his conduct and dealings he was referred to as al-Sadiq (The Truthful One) and al-Amin (The Trustworthy One).