Story No. 145 – Prophets were not products of their environments: They created them Cave of Hira

All went to the idol-temples except Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who, without being taught by anybody, made his way to cave of Hira (Ghare Hira), in the al-Noor mountain near the city of Makkah, where he devotedly worshipped the Creator of the universe and praised His glory and power.

‘And you did not recite before it any book, nor did you transcribe one with your right hand, for then could those who say untrue things have doubted.’ (Noble Qur’an, 29:48)

Favoured by Almighty Allah (SWT), he distinguished his path from the very beginning, denounced the wrong manners of his people without any hesitation or fear, and proceeded against those wrong deeds and beliefs.

Not only was not one single moment of his blessed life spent in idolatry, but, as we have already mentioned, he hated to hear the names of idols.

His chasteness and purity were known to all. His extreme honesty led the people to give him the title of ‘the Trustworthy’, and this great virtue led Khadijah bint Khuwaylid to trust him with her commercial property.

The behaviour of Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) toward the people and his manners were so pleasant and excellent that they attracted all people. Thus the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) took a different direction than his people and was by no means infatuated with tribal customs and moods. In reality, under the control of the divine power, he (pbuh) advanced on his path of evolution and perfection.

For all these reasons, people had great respect for him and relied heavily on his views in solving their problems.