Story No. 148 – Conduct of Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and a few other individuals were having their meal when a person, suffering from smallpox, came to the gathering. His disease was so acute that the boils had become septic. Every person, near whom this diseased person tried to sit, would show his revulsion and loathing by rising up and moving away from him. (Noticing this) Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) made the person sit beside himself and exhibited great kindness towards him.

On another occasion, Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), together with a few of his companions, was busy having his food when a leper arrived in the gathering. The people present expressed their abhorrence and detestation over his arrival but Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked him to sit next to himself and invited him to eat the food.

Note: A person from the Quraish, who had displayed his aversion, was afflicted with the same disease before meeting his death!