Story No. 184 – Rasulallah (saw) and Surah Al-Kauthar / Surah al Kawther (Abundance)

Rasulallah (saw) and Surah Al-Kauthar / Surah al Kawther (Abundance)You should never think that you have more than someone else, because there might come a time when that person has more than you. Remember it is through the blessing of Allah (SWT) that you have what you have.


Fatima al-Zahra (sa) was born to Khadija tul Kubra (sa) and Rasulallah (saw). Before her birth, Rasulallah (saw) had had two sons, Qasim and Tahir, but both boys had died when they were babies.


Rasulallah (saw) had started teaching the message of Islam and had made many enemies. As a result, some of the unbelievers began to make fun of him at the death of his sons, calling him “Abtar”.


The word Abtar means an animal that has no tail – and was meant to say that Rasulallah (saw) was tail-less because he had no children to carry on his family.


Thus, when Fatima al-Zahra (sa) was born, the following chapter (Surah) of Noble Qur’an was revealed:


“In the Name of Allah, the most Kind, the most Merciful. Surely (O Muhammad) We have given you Kausar, Therefore pray to your Lord and make a sacrifice. Surely your enemy is the one who shall be without posterity (Abtar).” Surah al-Kauthar, (108:1-3)


When Rasulallah (saw) was asked what al-Kauthar meant, he replied that it was a stream in heaven and the man who would give water from that stream to the believers was Imam Ali (as). He then said that al-Kauthar also meant abundance, and the birth of Fatima al-Zahra (sa) signified that, through her, his descendants would be in abundance.


The promise of Allah (SWT) was certainly true because today, there are countless descendants (Sayyid) of Rasulallah (saw) spread throughout the world, while there is nobody who claims to be a descendant of the Quraish. Thus the enemies of Rasulallah (saw) were those who became truly “Abtar”.


This Surah in Noble Qur’an is thus a reference to Aal-E-Muhammad (saw) through Fatima al-Zahra (sa).