Story No. 189 – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Bedouin

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Bedouin A Bedouin entered Madinah, and went directly to the Masjid, so that he may get some money or gold from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). When he arrived, he saw Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) sitting among his companions (Sahabah). He asked his need. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave him something. Bedouin was not content, and moreover he used harsh and inappropriate language against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The companions became very angry, and were ready to hurt him. But Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prevented them from haste.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) took the Bedouin to his home, and gave him some more. The Bedouin saw that the residence of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wasn’t like those of the heads of governments, and there is no luxury in his home.


The Bedouin became content with the share, and thanked Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). At this time, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked him: “You said a harsh word yesterday, which caused anger in my companions. I fear that they will hurt you. Would you be willing to show your appreciation in front of them, so that their anger be resolved, and they don’t hurt you?” The Bedouin said: “Sure.”


The next day, the Bedouin came to the Masjid. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) addressed his companions: “This man says, he is content with his share, is it true?” The Bedouin said: “That is true.” Then he repeated the appreciation that he had shared with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the companions smiled.


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) addressed the group: “The parable of me and these types of individuals is like that of the man whose camel was running away from him. With the [thought] they could help the owner, people were running after the camel. The camel was frightened and ran faster. The owner called on the people, please leave my camel alone, I know better how to calm it. When the people stopped chasing the camel, the owner followed it calmly, with a fistful of grass. Then without the need for running, yelling, he showed the grass to it.”