Story No. 193 – Favorite Stories: Messenger of Allah (saww) said, Paradise is at the feet of Mothers

Paradise is at the feet of MothersThe Arabic word for womb is “rahem.” Rahem is derived from the word for mercy. In Islamic tradition, one of Allah’s 99 beautiful names (Asmaul Husna) is “Al-Raheem,” or “the Most Merciful.”


There exists, therefore, a unique connection between God and the womb. Through the womb, we get a glimpse of the Almighty’s qualities and attributes. It nurtures, feeds and shelters us in the early stages of life. The womb can be viewed as one manifestation of divinity in the world.


Each of us should appreciate what we have in our mothers. They are our teachers and our role models. Every day with them is an opportunity to grow as a person. Every day away from them is a missed opportunity.


In other words, the debt we owe to our mothers is magnified due to the difficult nature of pregnancy – not to mention the nurturing and attention paid to us in infancy.