Story No. 199 – Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and Trust in Allah (SWT)

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and Trust in Allah (SWT)When Abu Sufyan ibn Harb, the chief of the polytheists of Makkah, saw approximately ten thousand strong army of Islam (during the conquest of Makkah), he was filled with awe and astonishment. As he walked beside the battalions of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), he murmured: “I wish I knew why Muhammad became victorious over me. How did he manage to gather for himself such a powerful army despite being alone and without support in Makkah?”


Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) overheard him. “We became victorious over you by Allah’s (SWT) assistance!” he said, placing his hand upon Abu Sufyan ibn Harb’s shoulder.


In the battle of Hunain, when the enemy suddenly and unsuspectingly attacked the forces of Islam, chaos reigned supreme within the Muslim ranks. When Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) watched this state of the Muslim army, he sought Allah’s (SWT) help by placing his trust in Him, and supplicated: ‘O’ Lord! All praise and thanks only belong to You. I place my complaint (regarding the state of affairs) before You and it is only You from whom help and assistance ought to be sought.’


At that moment, angel Gabriel (Jabra’il) descended from the heavens and said to him: “O’ Prophet of Allah (SWT)! You have recited a supplication which Prophet Musa / Moses (pbuh) had recited when the sea had split for him and he was granted deliverance from the evils of Firawn (Pharaoh).”