Story No. 315 – Wasilah, Tawassul (Intercession) of Imam Hussein (a.s.)

When Imam Hossein (a.s.) was born, Allah (SWT) sent down the angel Jibrail (a.s.) to congratulate the family of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).

On the way down from the heavens angel Jibrail (a.s.) passed an island, on which the angel Fitrus was sent to by Allah (SWT) because he had been naughty. Fitrus had also had his wings taken away by Allah (SWT).

When Fitrus saw Jibrail (a.s.) he asked him where he was going. Jibrail (a.s.) told him that he was going to congratulate the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his family on the birth of Imam Hossein (a.s.).

Fitrus asked if he could also go with him. Jibrail (a.s.) agreed with the permission of Allah (SWT) and so carried him down to earth.

When the angels reached the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and congratulated him and his family, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told Fitrus to go to Imam Hossein (a.s.).

When Fitrus touched Imam Hossein’s (a.s.) cradle his wings were given back to him by Allah (SWT), who had forgiven him.

If you want something it is better to ask through our Imam’s (a.s.) as they are closer to Allah (SWT) than we are.