Story No. 326 – Imam Zeynel Abidin (as) and Namaz-e-Ghufayla prayer

Namaz-e-Ghufayla prayerOnce a man after the tragedy of Karbala came into the presence of Imam Zeynel Abidin (as) and Syeda Zainab (sa) and said, Ya Imam, I am one of those who involve in the killing of your father in Karbala and I wished to be forgiven, hence advice, what I suppose to do to be forgiven? Imam Zeynel Abidin (as) thought about it and replied, to pray Namaz-e-Ghufayla prayer.


This man was very happy after hearing the advice from Imam and left. Syeda Zainab (sa) observing this, asked Imam Zeynel Abidin (as), how can such a great sin be forgiven? Imam Zeynel Abidin (as) replied, it cannot, and Allah (SWT) will make it such that this man won’t have the ability (Tawfiq) ever to perform this Namaz-e-Ghufayla prayer.


When Imam Zeynel Abidin (as) was asked once: How did you wake up this morning he replied: I woke up with eight things I am asked to do: Allah (SWT) wants me to perform the religious duties, Holy Prophet (saw) wants me to adhere to his sayings and traditions (Sunnah), my children want me to provide for them, my psyche wants its desires fulfilled, Satan wants me to follow him, the two angels want me to perform good deeds, the angel of death wants my spirit and the grave wants my body.