Story No. 346 – Sixth Infallible Sayings:

  • Who honors himself dishonors worldly things.
  • The company of the righteous invites you to goodness.
  • Beware of keeping company with the sinful and helping the unjust.
  • The right of your child is that you know that he has come from you to this world and his right and wrong are attributed to you. You are responsible for teaching and training him, guiding him to his Lord, Almighty and Glorious, and assisting him to obey Him. Therefore, be sure that if you do a favor to your child, you will obtain it and if you act viciously against him, it will come back to you, too.
  • There are no drops which are dearer to Allah than two kinds of drops: Drops of blood shed in Allah’s cause (Jehad) and the tears dropped in the darkness of night for which a servant does not want any thing except pleasure of Allah.
  • Do not make anyone your enemy even though you consider him harmless and do not turn down a person’s friendship even if you think he will not benefit you.
  • Beware of keeping company with a liar for he is like a mirage (deceptive). He shows you the near one as distant and the distant thing as nearby.
  • Abstain from lies both small and big and in all conditions whether joking or serious.
  • A person said to Imam Sajjad (A.S.)” Oh Son of the Prophet (saw) how did you start your morning?” He replied, “I commenced the morning with eight things being demanded of me. Allah demands the obligatory, Prophet (saw) demands (his) sunnah, the family asks for sustenance, the soul demands lust (desires), satan demands (me to commit) sin, the protectors (two angels who write down both good and bad deeds of man while they also protect and defend him against mishaps) demand the sincerity of practice, the angel of death demands the soul and the grave demands (my) body. I am stationed among such affairs being demanded of me.”
  • Sins which terminate the blessings are: oppression against people, abandoning piety, not commanding good deeds, ingratitude for blessings and favors, and not giving thanks.
  • The right of your mother is that you know she has carried you (in her womb) in a manner that nobody has carried the other. And fed you from the fruit of her heart in a way that nobody has fed the other. She protected you happily with her ears, eyes, hands, feet, hair, skin and all of her body parts while bearing all the pains, agonies, discomforts and burdens till the time Allah’s hand detached you from her to the earth. Then she was contented that she remained hungry and fed you and dressed you up remaining nude herself and quenched your thirst while she was thirsty, she put you in the shade while she herself remained under the sun and brought you up with the extreme comforts while herself (remaining) in hardship. She makes you enjoy the sweet sleep while she is awake. Her womb was a soothing and comforting place for you. Her breasts were a means of quenching your thirst. And her existence was a shield for protecting you. She endured the hot and cold of the world for your sake.
    There fore, you must also thank her in the same manner and you do not have the capability and power of doing it but with the assistance of Allah and His grace.
  • A Mujahid who is martyred for Allah’s cause does not deserve as much reward as a person who chooses not to sin despite having the power to do so. Such a person may even become one of the chaste angels.