Story No. 375 – Imam Sadegh (as) in Miqat during Hajj pilgrimage (Labbaik)

Malik bin Anas, who was a famous scholar in Madina, went to Hajj pilgrimage with our 6th Imam, Imam Sadegh (as). They arrived in Miqat, and got ready to put on the Ihram, and saying the Dhikr of Talbiyah (We say yes to your call our Lord). Others said this prayer in their own common ways. Malik bin Ans noted that Imam Sadegh (as) was in a different state. Every time that Imam Sadegh (as) was about to say these words, his voice would crash in his throat, and lose control of his limbs such that he would be on the verge of falling off his ride.

Malik bin Anas, approached Imam Sadegh (as) and said: “O Son of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)! You must say this Dikhr of Talbiyah, no matter what your condition.” Imam Sadegh (as) said: “O son of Abi Amir! How could I have the courage to say Labbaik? Saying Labbaik means that: My Lord, I am hurrying to what you are calling me towards, and I am always ready. With what confidence should I enact this boldness against my Lord, and call myself an ever ready servant? And what shall I do if the response from Him is La Labbaik (and we don’t accept of you)?

Malik bin Anas son of Abi Amir is one of the leaders of the four Sunni schools of thought. The school of thought of Maliki stems from him. He lived around the time of Abu Hanifa. Shafi’i was a student of Malik bin Anas and Ahmad bin Hambal was Shafi’i’s student.

Imam Sadegh (as) was kind to Malik bin Anas. Imam Sadegh (as) would tell him that: “I like you.” Malik bin Anas used to be very happy whenever the Imam Sadegh (as) was affectionate towards him. Malik bin Anas is reported to have said: “I used to visit Imam Sadegh (as) for a time. I would find him praying, fasting, or reciting Noble Qur’an. No ear has heard, no eye has witnessed, and no mind has imagined better than Imam Sadegh (as) in knowledge, piety, and worship.”

It is also Malik bin Anas who is reported to have said: “Imam Sadegh (as) was one of the best of his time, who feared Allah (SWT), and knew a great deal of Hadith. He was pleasant and had an excellent character. Being in his presence was a blessing. Whenever he heard the name of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), he would be awe stricken, and his state would change.”

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